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My Traveling Journey

About 10 years ago my parents took me and my younger sister to Europe. I  have always had the travel bug of wanting to be anywhere than my small little town. Once I was in college, we took a family trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Loas for a few months which changed my life in so many positive ways. 2 years later, I cruised over to Europe for a month with two of my friends and had the time of my life. My most recent trip was to South America, to visit my sister (who I mentioned before) in Brasil. I am currently planning a trip to drive across the United States and make it to all the 50 states in a few months. Stay Posted as it continues!

Sharing My Lifestyle

The changes within my perspective on life and being happy have changed so much since I have made an effort to make traveling a regular activity in my life. Understanding the big picture and seeing how so many other people in this world live, can alter how a person percieves their own life. With all the traveling I have accomplished at such a young age, only shows that school and working two jobs does not have to hold you back, and there is always a solution to a budget. I’ve got all the answers, and if not, I know where to find them.