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If you want my honest opinion… DO NOT TAKE EURAIL!

We saw the destinations, we rode the buses, plains and trains but the Eurail only made our lives more difficult.

We booked every train as a “group” yet never had seats together!! No wifi, despite what they say, and you have to get the ticket validated which is just an extra step for the travelers!

On top of that, this is suppose to attract young travelers, yet you cant even access your ticket ONLINE! Like wtf is that about?

As backpackers we have our entire lives on our backs and now you are telling me that Eurail has not updated to e-tickets and we are paying hundreds of dollars? It was just interesting and showed that the business as lacked keeping up with their customers and technology.

Of course check it out! If you are traveling alone, who knows, maybe the Eurail is better, but if I were to pass on any advice…I would say just buy the cheap airplane tickets, save travel time and accomplish more!